Pogbie Wind Farm

March 29, 2021

Project Name

Pogbie Wind Farm

Project Location

Near Pathhead, East Lothian


PB Community Energy CIC

Client’s Project Manager

Green Cat Renewables


12no Enercon E53

Height to tip 77m

Max Power Output 9.6MW

Key Info

Large area site in difficult ground conditions

Significant areas of vegetation clearance


Green Cat Contracting were appointed as Principal Contractor to deliver the BoP works for 12no Enercon E53 turbines on a design and build basis, including associated drainage, roads, hardstanding’s, cabling, sub station works and electrical infrastructure.

The works required significant management and clearance of areas of agricultural forest, as well as work in difficult ground conditions. Deep Glacial Till, in excess of 8.0m in areas, was present, requiring substantial reworking to provide a competent founding medium for the roads and turbine foundations. A shallow water table and artesian aquifer conditions were also considerable barriers to the project.

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