Tulchan of Glenisla Hydro Scheme

February 2, 2021

Project Name

Tulchan of Glenisla Hydro Scheme

Project Location

Folda, Blairgowrie


Tulchan of Glenisla Forest Ltd

Client’s Project Manager

Green Cat Renewables

Plant Info

  • 100kW Run-of-River
  • Gross Head 34.5m
  • Maximum Flow 434 litres/sec

Additional Info

  • Works within Cairngorms National Park

  • Strict programme control for works in the watercourse


Green Cat Contracting were appointed as Principal Contractor for the BoP works on the Tulchan of Glenisla Hydro Power scheme. Works included the access tracks and drainage, intake structure, pipeline, powerhouse, tailrace and associated cable trenching, all to the strict protocol of the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Being adjacent to several popular and historic walking and cycling routes across The Mounth, including the popular Monega Pass, the management of interfaces with members of the public was a key concern. This was managed through regular and clear communication with both operatives and the public, and the project was delivered without incident.

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